Double Helical Gear

Spur Helical Gear

Double helical gears are a variation of helical gears in which two helical faces are placed next to each other with a gap separating them. Each face has identical but opposite helix angles. Employing a double-helical set of gears eliminates thrust loads and offers the possibility of even more significant tooth overlap and smoother operation. Double helical gears are commonly used in enclosed gear drives as helical gear.
Due to its advantages of high load capacity and stable transmission, double helical gears have been widely used in the power transmission of gas turbines, generators, prime movers, pumps, fans and compressors in ships and construction machinery.

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We are leading and well-recognized names in the field of offering Spur Helical Gears. These are primarily part of Gears, defined as toothed wheels that transmit power and motion from one shaft to another through the successful engagement of teeth. These Spur helical gears to share rotary motion between parallel shafts and are cylindrical with teeth straight and parallel to the axis of rotation. The center distance between beams relatively small, these are known for transmitting large capacity and transmitting motion at superficial velocity.


We can also offer our customers a customized gear development facility. This is done after knowing the parameters concerning-

  • Power to be transmitted
  • Speed of the driving gear
  • Rate of driven gear/ velocity ratio
  • Center distance

What we check-in gear manufacturing

We ensure that the following requirements must be met in the designing of a gear drive:

  • Gear teeth should have sufficient strength so that these do not fail under static/dynamic loading during normal running conditions
  • Gear teeth should have superior wear characteristics
  • Use of space and material is optimally made
  • Optimal alignment of gears and deflections of the shaft as these affect on performance of gears

Safeguards Taken

Some of the safeguards we take into consideration while designing and manufacturing the complete range of Industrial and Automotive gears include:

  • Superior load carrying capacity of gear tooth
  • Excellent endurance of gear tooth
  • Gear material has sufficient strength to resist failure due to breakage of the tooth.
  • Gear material should have sufficient surface endurance strength to avoid failure due to destructive pitting.
  • The sliding velocities are maintained high for high-speed power transmission, and the material has a low coefficient of friction to avoid failure due to scoring.

Gear Material

Aluminum Gears Cast Iron Gears
Plastic Gears Brass Gears
Copper Gears Powdered Metal Gears
Wood Gears